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A geo-located sound database

The project

This is an online mapped representation of all the sound samples that are stored in my database.

Surf the map and zoom in or out to navigate and find the samples I've recorded in different locations.
So far, this database is not so large, but it will grow as I upload my samples. I plan to travel a lot and collect nice sound samples.
Any sample you upload will also be automatically included in this map, so don't hesitate to collaborate growing this map to a bigger experience!

The microphone icons are coloured in blue and orange to indicate which files are lossless audio (full quality, orange) and which are compressed (blue).
By clicking on a sample icon, you will get a pop-up window with its info and a compact-player for listening.

If you want to browse the files more precisely and do custom searches, remember you have the samples site to do it.
And for uploading and contribute, go here.

Thanks to GoogleMaps ® for their API and to freesound.org for their ideas.

Enjoy          d+_-b